The yeast isolations of the founder and owner of JasperYeast LLC, Jasper Akerboom, have been in the news at several occasions.



November 2014

Patrick and Ryan from interview Jasper and Jason on the Bonedusters beer


October 2014

Steve Deason wrote an article in Virginia CraftBeer on the yeast program spearheaded by Jasper Akerboom


June 2014

Science magazine(!) does an Q and A on changingy your career


March 2014

Scientific American publishes a blog post on the collaboration between Jason Osborne from Paleo Quest and Jasper Akerboom from Lost Rhino Brewing Company on the beer fermented with yeast isolated from the protocetic whale fossil


February 2014

NOVA Magazine has an article on the collaboration beer between Paleo Quest and Lost Rhino, fermented with yeast isolated from a whale bone exhibit in the Calvert museum


December 2013

NOVA Magazine reports on the Native Son, and the yeast used to brew that beer


August 2013

DC Beer reports on Native Son, a beer brewed by Lost Rhino Brewing Company, with yeast isolated from Ashburn by Jasper Akerboom


March 2013

NOVA Magazine posts an article on using local yeasts for brewing


January 2013

HHMI Magazine has an article on the yeasts isolated by HHMI Scientist Jasper Akerboom, and his collaborations with local breweries



June 2012:

DC Beer lists an article on using the local yeasts from Jasper Akerboom at Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, VA


January 2012:

Leesburg Today reports on the collaboration between HHMI Scientist Jasper Akerboom and Lost Rhino Brewing Company on brewing with local yeast.