A true local strain! Isolated in Ashburn, Virginia in 2008.  The first native Virginia yeast used in commercial beer since prohibition (Farmwell Wheat and Native Son, both Lost Rhino Brewing Company). Higher fermentation temperatures are preferred with this strain. Producer of high levels of fruitiness above 26 ºC (80 ºF), earthy notes are present at lower fermentation temperatures (20 ºC, 68 ºF). Since it is a wild Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain one can expect drift when repitched for many generations. 






Micrograph of JY31cells


Origin:                   Ashburn, Virginia (USA), 2008
Temperature: 20-28 ºC (68-85 ºF)
Attenuation: 71-80%
Oxygenation: High
Flocculation: Very low
Styles: American Wheat, American Table Beer, Saison, Farmhouse