An American Ale strain perfect for Pale Ales, IPAs, Brown Ales, Ambers, Stouts and Barley Wines. The house strain of Lost Rhino Brewing Company, this strain has been bred and evolved to perform optimally at a broad range of fermentation temperatures and ABVs, and floc strong. When used fresh, this strain will blow through your fermentation easily. Used in the famous Face Plant IPA.

This yeast likes to be aerated well before fermentation for full attenuation. Can start slow, but will plough through if taken care off properly (aeration). At low fermentation temperatures shows modest esters and citrus characters, at higher fermentation temperatures can be outspoken fruity, complementing hoppy beers. Bright beer can be achieved by cold crashing and no filtration is needed.


 Micrograph of JY85 cells coming soon


Origin:                   Ashburn, Virginia (USA)
Temperature: 13-24 ºC (55-74 ºF)
Attenuation: 72-76% 
Oxygenation: High
Flocculation: Strong
Styles: Amber Ale, IPA, Pale Ale, Brown Ale, American Stout, Barley Wine, Imperial IPA 
Alcohol tolerance: 10-12%