JY096 Hardy Tom is a British Ale yeast originating from Devonshire. This yeast is great for high gravity beers (10+% ABV), such as Barleywines and Old Ales. Can ferment up to 20+ % ABV, if taken proper care off the strain. This means oxygenating during fermentation and growing abnormally high cell numbers before fermentation. Also feeding during fermentation will increase ABV. When doing this, give yourself time, and don't expect fermentations to be done in weeks.

Origin:        Devonshire, United Kingdom
Temperature: 18-20 ºC (65-70 ºF)
Attenuation: 75-80% 
Oxygenation: High
Flocculation: Medium

High Gravity Beers (Barleywines, Old Ales)

Alcohol tolerance: >20%