This yeast originates from Northamptonshire in the UK. A great strain, that is very balanced and soft. A true top-cropper. Malt forward and slightly fruity that is never harsh. Great for beers that you want to be balanced (Imperial IPA, Barleywine) or that you want to be malt forward (Porters, Stouts, Milk Stouts, Brown Ales, Ambers, Scottish Ales). Finishes slightly sweet, so do not expect to end at a low specific gravity without a special mashing regimen.

Origin:        Northamptonshire, UK
Temperature: 18-24 ºC (68-75 ºF)
Attenuation: 70-75%
Oxygenation: Medium
Flocculation: Medium-High

Malt-forward beers (Great for Porters and Stouts), Ambers, Browns, and balanced hoppy beers (Barleywine, IPA)

Alcohol tolerance: 10%