Isolated from a famous Brasserie in the Southern Belgian/Northern France region. Aggressive, attenuative and outspokenly estery and peppery. Great for Saison and Farmhouse style beers at higher temperatures, in the lower range good for more traditional Belgian styles. Good to finish off a beer that has problems fermenting with another yeast.

Origin:        Northern France/Southern Belgium.
Temperature: 18 to 25 ºC (65 to 77 ºF) can go higher, will be more pronounced and flavorful.
Attenuation: 79-85%
Oxygenation: Medium
Flocculation: Very low 

French Saison, Belgian Saison, Biere de Garde, Belgian-style Blonde, Belgian-style Tripel, Belgian-style Golden-strong, Belgian-style Dubbel, Belgian-style Patersbier/Singel.

Alcohol tolerance: At least 8%