This yeast is the famous strain isolated from the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, MD. This strain was isolated from Protocetid bone, discovered by Jason Osborne, the president and co-founder of Paleo Quest, a non-profit citizen-science organization for the advancement of the sciences of paleontology and geology through material contributions to museum collections, field exploration, scientific publication and education. 

This yeast is used for the famous Lost Rhino Brewing Company Bonedusters Ale.

This yeast is hard to work with, it has the tendency to stop fermenting for a week after 30% attenuation, after which it picks back up and finishes out. Not for the faint of heart! Expect a Belgian character, with some tartness. Keep the desired ABV low during your recipe development, this strain is not suited for high-gravity worts. Finishes crisp and fruity, with a pleasant fizz.


Origin:                   Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons, MD
Temperature: max 30 ºC (max ~90 ºF)
Attenuation: >80%
Oxygenation: High
Flocculation: Very low
Styles: Farmhouse beers, Experimental beers