At JasperYeast LLC we offer consulting services for craftbrewers and homebrewers on several subjects such as yeast handling, yeast management, quality control and quality assurance. We offer help for small craftbreweries that have problems or are starting up as well as homebrewers trying to advance their skills. The founder and owner Jasper Akerboom received his PhD in microbiology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and has over 18 years laboratory experience. In addition he has built and managed the Quality Control and Quality Assurance laboratory at Lost Rhino Brewing Company from scratch. 

Are you starting a new brewery? A lab is an essential part of your brewing operations. We offer advice in how to run your lab and what tests you should perform to ensure a quality product.  Having problems currently? We offer advice and a helping hand to resolve your problems. 

Interested in having your own, local yeast strain at your brewery? We offer yeast isolation services for you, and can isolate yeast from your locality of preference.


Are you creating your own house strain, and want to store this yeast long term? We offer yeast long-term storage options for competitive pricing.


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