Strains are available at Kettles and GrainsBrew LoCo and Valley Homebrew

Send an email to jasper [at] to inquire!

Below you can find a list of yeasts and blends we currently offer. Right now, we do not directly sell to homebrewers.

This list will be slowly populated over time, we have over a 150 strains available. For inquiries on the other yeasts send an email to

jasper [at]



Lager Strains:

BYL001 - European Lager

Ale Strains:

BYL002 - German Ale I

BYL027 - Scourmont Abbey

BYL028 - Anglo Saxon

BYL029 - Belgian Wit I

BYL056 - Poperinge Saison

BYL074 - German Hefeweizen

BYL085 - Local Pale Ale

BYL096 - Hardy Tom Ale

BYL104 - Benedict Abbey

BYL127 - Magic IPA Yeast

BYL137 - British and Malty

Locally Isolated Yeast Strains:

BYL031 - NOVA Ale Yeast

BYL110 - NOVA Ale Yeast 2

In-house isolated Brettanomyces Strains:

BYL087 - Brettanomyces bruxellensis  "Chateaux"

Specialty Strains:

BYL146 - Protocetid Ale