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May 2021


This spring we had opportunities to brew two collaboration beers!  The first was brewed with Sterling Pig Brewery in Media, PA.  We decided on “High on the Hog,” a hoppy Belgian Blonde Ale, brewed with our JY104 Abbey Ale.  The hoppy citrus notes from the simcoe pair nicely with the fruity (light banana and bubblegum) esters of the yeast, finishing pleasantly dry and drinkable.  Brian at Sterling Pig is a fantastic brewer and we really enjoyed checking out the solid beer scene in Philly and the surrounding area.


The second collaboration was with Hobcaw Brewing in Charleston, SC.  Hobcaw head brewer Chris (formerly of D.C.’s Right Proper Brewing Co.) is a good friend and it was great checking out his new brewhouse.  We brewed Hobtomac, a hop forward spring ale with our JY158 German ale yeast.  Hopped with Citra and Hallertau Mittlefruh, this beer was coincidentally inspired by a Pennsylvania craft brewery’s summer beer, also brewed with German and American hop varieties.  


Yes, we’re still propagating lots of fresh yeast every week, but we love dusting off the brew boots and jumping onto the brew deck.  The third collaboration of 2021 will be brewed in time to share at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, and we’ll possibly reprise “Denver and Dallas,” a beer we originally brewed in 2020 with our neighbor, Dynasty Brewing Co., for CBC San Antonio.  Fingers crossed CBC will eventually make it to San Antonio in the future so we can all share a pint on a day trip to Austin.  We all deserve this. 


In the lab

On the technical front, Jasper Yeast will give a presentation at the all virtual Virginia Craft Brewers Conference on July 26th, hosted by the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild.  Our selected topic will be Successful Hard Seltzer Fermentation.  We performed over 200 test fermentations to tackle the difficult task of fermenting a sugar solution fast, without any off flavors and color.  We will share the results from this study with the community, focussing on yeast selection, attenuation, nutrients, and overall flavor profile.  An in depth study on water profile and alkalinity is currently ongoing, and we’ll have some special notes on the important role your water profile plays in every successful fermentation.  Focused primarily on seltzer production, this discussion will remind brewers to revisit the unique role water plays in both fermentation and the flavor of the finished product. 


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