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To Place An Order

Email us at or contact us at 205.790.2544 (Travis) or 703.505.9120 (Jasper).

A friendly conversation via email or phone allows us to better understand the goals and expectations of each brew. We are currently working on our online ordering system.


Prices are based on 7M cells/ml.

For 50 bbl or greater, please contact us for a quote.


2-3 bbl $35/bbl $105 6%
7 bbl $33/bbl $230 12%
10 bbl $29/bbl $290 22%
15 bbl $26/bbl $390 30%
20 bbl $23/bbl $460 38%
30 bbl $19/bbl $570 50%
40 bbl $17/bbl $680 55%



*Pricing for bacteria is available upon request.

Pitching Rates

Yeast Pitching Rates

At Jasper Yeast, we want to make sure you receive the correct amount of yeast for each unique fermentation. The yeast pitching rate we advise is dependent on the following:

  • Starting degree °P (gravity) of your wort
  • The strain of yeast you plan to use
  • The volume of your brew
  • The oxygen levels you will provide
  • The temperature of fermentation

The prices listed above are for pitchable quantities, providing 7.5M cells/mL for a <14°P wort, and for "regular" (American/British) ale yeast, with good oxygenation.


For higher gravity fermentations, we advise using higher cell counts. For 14-19°P fermentations, we would advise to use 10M cells/ml. For starting gravities above 20°P, we advise at least 14M cells/ml.
Example: for a 10bbl 17°P wort, you would need 10x1.3=13bbl pitchable quantity compared to a lower gravity fermentation.

We recommend using 1M cells per degree Plato for lagers. 
Example: for a 10bbl high gravity (17°P) lager that you want to ferment at 52°F, you will need 17x1=17M cells/ml. In brewers language, this would be the same as 17/7.5=2.3 times more cells compared to an ale (7.5 is the regular cell/ml count for ales). You would need 10x2.3=23bbl pitchable quantity.

In general, lager fermentations will start slower and exhibit less activity compared to ale fermentations. With colder fermentation temperatures, yeast metabolism is slowed, ester production is reduced, and visible signs of fermentation require more time.

For Belgian yeasts, we advise pitching the same cell quantities as regular ale yeasts. However, the fermentation for these yeasts are often performed warmer (72-78°F/22.2-25.6°C), which will aid growth, attenuation and often desired flavor/aroma production. Slight underpitching (50-70% lower), as well as lower oxygenation, can aid in ester production, especially for lower gravity ales. Excessive glycol cooling can result in the metabolic activity to slow significantly, resulting in a fermentation that drags on and lower attenuation.

Especially for Saison-style yeasts, it is imperative to stay within the advised temperature range, and not go too low. Often it's best to begin fermentation with free rise than to cool, especially at the end of fermentation.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns regarding your planned fermentation. We will gladly help you select the appropriate amount of yeast for a successful brew.


  • All orders are shipped overnight with ice packs to keep the yeast cool until it reaches you.
  • Upon arrival, yeast should be kept in a cold refrigerator until use.
  • Orders are shipped via FedEx with tracking information provided to you.
  • Feeders can be provided to maintain high viability for longer periods of time.
  • Local pickup for area brewers is available.

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