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Jasper Akerboom PhD
Lab/QC Manager

Jasper Akerboom received his PhD in Microbiology and Food Technology from Wageningen University in The Netherlands. His postdoctoral studies focused on protein engineering at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Research Campus in northern Virginia.

In 2013 Jasper decided to apply his 20+ years of high level lab and research experience to the beer world, taking a position as Brewing Scientist at Lost Rhino Brewing Co. There he organized and managed the QA/QC lab, yeast propagations, and barrel-aged beer program. He also isolated and cultivated numerous unique yeast strains later used by a number of commercial breweries, including Lost Rhino.  

Jasper is the President of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Master Brewers Association of Americas and a BJCP certified beer judge. He regularly gives talks at local brewers guild meetings as well as homebrewer gatherings.  Jasper has won numerous homebrewing and professional brewing awards and enjoys the complex aroma and flavor of a well aged sour beer. In his spare time, Jasper enjoys making homemade cheese, gardening while wearing traditional wooden clogs, and teaching his daughters to speak Dutch while they wear very small wooden clogs.

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