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For apple cider, perry, cyser and other fruit-ferments, our yeasts will make your beverage shine!

JY018 - English Cider I
Great cider yeast for ciders finishing dry. This yeast can also be used for higher gravity beers or wines. Produces sulfur compounds early on when low on essential nutrients, but this will dissipate fairly quickly.

Origin: England
Temperature Range: 60-80°F (16-27°C)
Flocculation: +
Attenuation: >80%
Alcohol Tolerance:12%

JY056 - Poperinge Saison (Belgian Saison III)
Strong and robust fermenter, that attenuates your beer in record time. Produces lime and lemon-like aromas with a light white pepper and spice notes. Good yeast for finishing beers that do not attenuate. Workhorse.  Works well for dry ciders as well.

Origin: Belgium
Temperature Range: 65-77°F (18-25C)
Flocculation: +
Attenuation: 79-85%
Alcohol Tolerance:12%

JY171 - Basque Cider I
Clean and crisp, isolated from the heart of Basque Country. Basque ciders are traditionally fermented spontaneous, and this can be approximated by using this strain. Basque cider normally undergoes a malolactic fermentation after fermentation is complete.

Origin: Basque Country
Temperature Range: 65-80°F (16-27°C)
Flocculation: +
Attenuation: >85%
Alcohol Tolerance: unknown

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