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Our Hefeweizen strains can express both the clove and banana aromas common, depending on pitch rate and fermentation temperature. Great for weizenbocks and dunkelweizens as well.

JY214 - German Hefeweizen I
Traditional Hefeweizen yeast from Freising in Germany. Arguably the most used hefeweizen yeast in the world. Good balance between banana esters and clove phenolics, driven by pitch-rate, glucose concentration in wort and fermentation temperature. Very dusty strain that can produce some sulfur notes that will disappear with aging. Great for traditional weizen beers, but also fruit beers and beers that benefit from the typical character that comes with this strain. Vigorous exothermic fermenter, needs proper cooling, will drive the pH down if fermentation overheats.

Origin: Freising, Germany
Temperature Range: 65-75°F (18-24°C)
Flocculation: -
Attenuation: 74-79%
Alcohol Tolerance: 11%

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