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Our seltzer yeast is a unique yeast blend, constituted for superb flavor, fast fermentation profile and great flocculation. Combined with our Anti-Gravity Warp-Feed, it can crush sugar wash at lightspeed.

JY274 - Seltzer Blend
This blend produces seltzer with a clean, neutral profile. This blend flocculates fast and hard for naturally clarified, bright seltzers without excruciating filtrations. After extensive trials the combination of two specific yeast strains outperformed every other combination we tried.  

Paired with our Anti-Gravity Warp-Feed Seltzer Nutrient mix it reaches terminal fast without any off flavors or aromas. Our blend is formulated to not produce an overly yellow product.

The fermentation times we measured (using our yeast and nutrients) to reach terminal are listed below.

Only a single addition of nutrient needs to be added: during the boil, reducing the chance of contamination and saving valuable time.


10° Plato (1.040 SG, 10.4° Brix): 4-5 days

15° Plato (1.061, 15.6 ° Brix): 7-9 days

20° Plato (1.083, 20.8 ° Brix): 14-16 days

25° Plato (1.106, 26 ° Brix): 20-23 days


Approximately 25° Plato is the max attenuation of this blend (~14% ABV). Between 25 and 35° Plato, roughly the same amount of sugar is converted (e.g. 30° Plato finishes at ~5° Plato), however the fermentation can take longer.


Origin: Norway and England 
Temperature Range: 75-85°F (23-28°C)
Flocculation: +++
Attenuation (in sugar wash): 100%
Alcohol Tolerance: 14%

*Yeast pitching rates and prices correspond with our standard formula for brewer's yeast pitch rates.

Anti-Gravity Warp-Feed Seltzer Nutrient Blend
Anti-Gravity Warp-Feed is a proprietary yeast nutrient blend we developed to enhance fermentation performance and inhibit any potential off-flavors/aroma, as well as to circumvent the strong yellow color that can result from the use of certain yeast nutrients. Ideal for breweries that are not equipped to remove post-fermentation off flavors with filtration and/or centrifugation. Anti-Gravity Warp-Feed is necessary to produce clean, clear seltzers and to prevent sluggish fermentations that drag on for a long time.

*Nutrient pricing is based on batch size and starting gravity of sugar wash.


The pricing is $1 per barrel, per degree Plato. Nutrients for a 1bbl batch of 10°P sugar wash would be $10. Nutrients for a 5bbl batch of 10°P sugar wash would be $50.


(1.028 SG)
(1.040 SG)
(1.061 SG)
(1.083 SG)
5 bbl $40 $50 $75 $100
10 bbl $80 $100 $150 $200
15 bbl $120 $150 $225 $300
20 bbl $160 $200 $300 $400
30 bbl $240 $300 $450 $600
40 bbl $320 $400 $600 $800
60 bbl $480 $600 $900 $1200



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